...a good opportunity for general practice work!

katieW"I really like rural General Practice. I don’t think I would enjoy my work as much being a city GP. In a rural area there is a lot more variety for a GP and greater opportunities to diversify your work. For example I do quite a bit of procedural work – minor surgery, IUD insertions and skin excisions in our rooms, supervise infusions in the renal/cancer unit at the hospital. I also enjoy the work I do at the Emergency Department of the hospital and then the management of inpatients that follows. It’s very rewarding, for example I have a patient who I diagnosed with cancer who has gone on to have Specialist treatment in Sydney but is now back home in Mudgee. She recently required a hospital stay for an acute infection and the continuity of care that comes from my management of her in hospital as well is extremely rewarding for me. The patients really appreciate that kind of care as well.

I came to Mudgee because I was seeking the opportunity to practice that kind of General Practice work. My husband’s family is in Dubbo so we were looking for a nearby town that we’d like to settle in. We never went past Mudgee. It’s such a vibrant town to live in. It has a very popular food and wine industry as well as hosting lots of events – music and sporting. It’s very popular with tourists and it’s a very welcoming town. It’s small enough that people know each other and recognise you in the street, even if they’re not a patient they’ve often heard about the “new doctor”. But it’s big enough to have its own social circles and events.

There’s not many towns like Mudgee. From a practice point of view it’s great to have such diversity available yet the support from the other GPs in town that you just don’t have to do the things you don’t really want to do (for example I don’t do obstetrics). There’s enough of us that the nursing home work and hospital work is not onerous at all. Outside of work, it’s a very pretty town that’s not expensive to live in, great for young families and it’s still close to bigger towns like Dubbo and Orange when you need them. It’s also only a few hours drive to Sydney. I grew up in Sydney and have family there but I’m happy staying in Mudgee, I don’t plan on leaving at all."

Katie Williamson


Rural Practice has been very good to both my family and myself.

alexg"My wife and I moved to Mudgee in 1996 from suburban Sydney, and I worked as a GP Registrar and we’re still here in 2012.

Mudgee has been a great experience and an important part, of both mine and my families life. It has allowed me to develop professionally and socially. The work has been very rewarding with a great variety of experiences in General Practice, the Hospital (with Accident and Emergency, In patients and Obstetrics). I’ve felt that that I’m really making a difference to people’s lives and have shared in many happy and sad times in people’s lives.

We were also fortunate that our three children were born here, which further strengthened our bond to the Community. The children all go to school here and participate in the many activities including sport and arts and crafts.

On a personal level I’ve been fortunate enough to make good friends and strong ties to the community. In recent years I was able to join the local Triathlon and Cycling Club and achieved things that I’d never dreamed of, such as multiple marathons, long distance triathlons and other endurance events.

Rural Practice has been very good to both my family and myself."

Alex Ghanem




...no better place than Mudgee

peterr"Twenty five years ago Challenger rockets were sent into space, live aid was happening and Arnie starred in the Terminator films. It also happened to be the time I started practice in Mudgee.

It was a quiet country town with the opportunity to do anaesthetics, obstetrics, emergency medicine and regular general practice. I went to an interview, got the job and payed a very high sum in good will to new partners. This made them happy and me poor. It also made me work very hard and have a  wonderful blend of excitement, satisfaction and interest in the hospital setting while inexpertly getting to know my patients in general practice.

I did not at the time realise how priveledged I was and still am 
to share many hugely significant moments in peoples lives in an aura of complete trust and gratitude. 

This is not found anywhere else but a country town where you are a comforter, sharer of peoples highs and lows and eventual concerned palliator of their final days. It all happens in a continuous loop which provides you with so many challenges and golden moments that you don’t notice the 25 years drifting by. And this is in a thriving warm hearted country town with all the best cafes just round the corner.

If you are committed to the practice of family medicine then there is no better place than Mudgee. The medical support is outstanding, the new medical centre as good as anything in Australia and the practice as exciting as you want. All this and not a cent of goodwill. Walk in, walk out, but be careful 25 years may go past."

Peter Roberts

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